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        Open for instore, curbside and home delivery: Mon to Sat 10 to 5 | Click for more info.

        We're Hiring

        The crew here at Attic Books is looking for a new member. If you don’t know about us, Attic Books is a large second-hand bookstore run by a team of friendly, reliable, kind and hardworking people, loted at the heart of London, Ontario in the Downtown core.

        The position would be part time (2-3 days per week).

        Deadline to apply is Saturday, June 25th, 2022.

        Click here for more information!

        Hiring Part-time. Applition due June 25th, 2022

        re Package Ideas for the Bibliophiles in your life

        For the Reader

        Each package includes:
        5 books* of your chosen genre. rd from one of the fabulous nadian rd companies we rry. Inscribe it with heartfelt words to go with your gift of books or keep it blank.


        For the Snail Mailer

        5 rds*
        collection of unused vintage nadian stamps (total face value $10)

        Send a smile across the miles (kilometers ??)

        *May not be rds show in picture and stamp packages all vary

        Add On a Magnetic Bookmark to your BLCP

        These beautiful designed magnetic bookmarks from Crafted Van are the perfect addition to your bookstack. Treasured images and they stay in place, so you n also come back to your book and pick up where you left off.

        Featured Author

        Jean Little

        Jean Little (January 2, 1932 - April 6, 2020) was a beloved nadian chilrden's author. Known for her classic titles "From Anna", "Mama's Going to buy You a Mockingbird" and various stories she wrote for the Dear nada series. In addition to being a writer, she taught children's literature at Guelph University.
        The following collection ntains signed copies, short stories and even some from her preson collections.
        For other non-collectible titles, contact the store and we n let you know what we have.

        Cozy Literature Reads

        Looking for a particular title?
        ll the store (519-432-7277) or use our request form and we n check our shelves and backstock.

        More tegories with new arrivals

        Welcome to Attic Books

        We have three floors of books, maps, prints, paper collectibles, such as ephemera and postrds, and eccentric antiques that appeal to readers, scholars and seasoned collectors alike. The atmosphere is spacious, bright and relaxed, not to mention architecturally beautiful, with its original tin ceilings, hardwood maple floors and all the charisma of a century building. This, along with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, will ensure that every visit to Attic Books will be memorable.

        240 Dundas Street
        London, Ontario
        N6A 1H3

        Open for in-store browsing.
        We n also assist with questions via phone, email or DM to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @atticbooks
        Mon-Sat 10-5


        Other options:
        Curbside pickup, Home Delivery (London, Ontario) or via nada Post

        Get directions